Wireless Towing Scale

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Accurately Know What You Tow!

“I bought this scale to take some of the guesswork out of towing. I love it! It makes it so much easier to ensure my load is balanced and safe. I thought I would only use it with my trailers, but I found it nice to know my load weight too. I feel safer towing now that I can verify the weight is distributed properly.” - Riley Clark

Why Get Our Wireless Towing Scale?

PRECISE: The scale installs in seconds and wirelessly connects to your phone to display real-time tongue weight/pin weight and vehicle and trailer weights, including gross weight, cargo, payload, and weight distribution for safe towing. Simply plug it in your (OBD-II) under the steering wheel, download the app, wirelessly connect it to your phone, and start getting active readouts of your towing and hauling weights.

VERSATILE: It’s perfect for towing a bumper pull trailer, 5th wheel trailer, gooseneck trailer, or accurately measuring the weight of your cargo. It also makes the brake controller and weight distribution hitch setup a breeze. Unlike other tongue-weight scale products, our scale is smartphone-ready.


  • The app is available for download on Apple or Android devices.
  • Universally compatible with vehicles with an OBD-II port (Top-heavy loads will significantly diminish the accuracy of this feature).
  • Works best with Ford, GM, and Dodge/Ram vehicles. The Gross Weight or "Weigh"  is not compatible with Toyota Vehicles.
  • Functionality on manual transmission vehicles is limited to the payload, tongue weight, pin weight, and weight distribution.
  • The electronic scale may require manual calibration for the newest vehicle models. Vehicles with auto-leveling suspension will have limited functionality.
  • Not intended for weight certification.
  • Users must follow all manufacturer's instructions and guidelines. This includes but is not limited to the vehicle, the trailer, the trailer brake controller, and any trailering accessories (i.e. hitches, weight-distributing hitches, etc.)  
  • The scale is an aid to assist the user in evaluating the tongue weight, pin weight, weight distribution hitch setup, trailer brake gain setup, payload, and gross weight of a vehicle and or a vehicle, including an attached trailer. It is not intended to replace any manufacturer's instructions for these procedures and should not be relied upon to keep within the limits of your vehicle's manufacture specifications.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have 2002 and 2016 trucks can I use 1 unit in both trucks?

A: Yes, the device may be taken from vehicle to vehicle. Select "Change Vehicle" from the setting menu when you switch. It will take you back to the original setup.

Q: Is the OBD-II dongle specific to your scale? I have one installed in my van to read all other vehicle functions. Will I need to remove it?

A: The scale reads OBD signals but also has a highly sensitive accelerometer onboard. OBD is not designed to support two devices at once, but many users have successfully run the scale on a splitter. Alternatively, the scale may be plugged in just when measuring. The Bluetooth connection is stored in the phone and will resume when the scale is plugged in.

Q: Does the vehicle need to be on level ground to measure weight?

A: No. Weight readings are unaffected by typical grades. Because the scale has an onboard accelerometer, the extra acceleration due to gravity when climbing a hill is accounted for. Tongue weight, payload, and pin weight readings get initialized every time a new measurement is taken.