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Get your wire situation under control with this quick, simple and safe 3-in-1 tool! 

Properly outfitting your work bench for wire projects might include more tools than first comes to mind. 

Although it can be a fun challenge to work on a project MacGyver style, using the proper tools will always lead to a better outcome. 

Now, you don’t want to overcrowd your work station with too many tools so this 3-in-1 tool has got you covered!

Why do you need a Wire Stripper & Cutter? 

Getting the right tools is essential for any type of project. For anyone doing electrical work, this is even more important, since poor wiring can cause injury or lead to property damage. 

The first thing you might realize when working with wires is that there are a number of different tools you could use.

You might think scissors or a knife might work in a pinch, but you could end up damaging the wire, and the work will take longer than necessary. 

This device will not only help you de-clutter your counter but save you time and money from having to purchase individual tools.

Why buy our Wire Stripper & Cutter? 

This multi-functional tool has a sharp blade that can cut wires efficiently, remove the insulation with ease and join two pieces of ductile material together.

This Wire Stripper & Cutter has precisely engineered teeth that grab, hold, pull and remove outer jackets in a simple one-handed motion. It is also exceptionally designed to crimp insulated and non-insulated auto ignition terminals. 

The tool comes with self-adjusting jaws ideal for copper and aluminum cables and a thumb wheel adjusting swivel knob so you can fix the length of the stripping wire to make sure every cable in the same length. 

With this device, you won’t damage the metal part of the electrical wire during the stripping process because you can adjust the power as need

The cushioned grip handle provides maximum leverage, increased comfort & reduced hand fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Can you set the length of wire to be stripped?
Answer: Yes, this tool has a wire-stripping adjustment guide and ruler, to accurately strip the wire on needed length.

Question: What types of wire can be stripped with this tool?
Answer: This stripping tool can copper and aluminum wires, from 10 AWG (thickest) to 24 AWG (thinnest) gauge (2.58mm to 0.51mm).

Question: What gauge of wires can be crimped?
Answer: Depending on the wire, if it is insulated or non-insulated, below are suitable wire gauge for the crimping tool:

Wire Gauge:

  • Insulated Terminal: 10-22 AWG (0.5-6.0mm²)
  • Non-insulated Terminal: 12-10AWG (4.0-6.0mm), 16-14AWG (1.5-2.5mm), 22-18AWG (0.5-1mm)

⚠️ Safety Precautions:

  • Turn off the main power - When working with a wire that’s already part of an electrical circuit, kill the power supply. Cutting the main power prevents the possibility of an accident.
  • Test the circuit for voltage - Always double-check the wire to make sure it’s not carrying electricity. Get a multimeter, turn it to the voltage setting, and hook it up to the wire. If the readout doesn’t stay at zero volts, the circuit is still getting power. Shut off the power completely before trying to strip it.
  • Wear protective gear - To further reduce the risk of accidents, wear safety gear. Put on a pair of eye goggles and rubber gloves. If there’s water on the ground, wear rubber boots as well.

⚙️ Proper Usage:

  1. Place the end of the cable between the tool's wire cutter to cut. When ready, squeeze the handles to cut the cable end.
  2. Turn the plastic guide away from the head and slide it out to adjust the wire length to cut. Reposition the plastic guide when you are satisfied with the wire length. For cables, you may want to strip more than the recommended guide.
  3. Insert the cable between the jaws. If necessary, increase/decrease the tension of the jaw using the tension knob as necessary depending on the cable and wire size.
  4. While holding the cable in place, squeeze the handles to strip the sheath from the cable.
  5. After sliding the sheath from the cable, place the internal wires between the teeth. Adjust the tension of the jaw using the tension knob as necessary depending on the cable and wire size.
  6. When finished, your cable wires should be perfectly stripped!

📝 Note: Make sure to place the internal wires between the left jaw's teeth to strip the cable's wires.

📦 Package Inclusion:
1 x Wire Stripper & Cutter
Color may vary

This Wire Stripper & Cutter is a great handyman tool for all sorts of electrical work. 

You need very little effort to use this tool and no matter how small or big the job is it will definitely save you a tremendous amount of time when working on your wire situation.

Whether you’re in the trade or simply doing odd jobs around your home, this tool will help you achieve great results.