Water Pump Pressure Sprayer

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Size: 5 Liters Capacity
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A Versatile Liquid Sprayer!

This is the best pump sprayer I've ever purchased! Have used it for various tasks with different types of chemicals. I highly recommend this one! - Colton Key

Why Buy Our Water Pump Pressure Spray?

✅PUMP: Make the job of watering your plants or spraying them with chemicals easier with our Water Pump Pressure Sprayer! Simply put the liquid inside, pump the handle and start spraying it with the nozzle. With this not only could you use water, you could use chemicals to protect your plants or chemicals to clean your home. You could even use it to clean cars or your dog!

✅VERSATILE: With this sprayer you can adjust the types of spray pattern you can use whether it’s a misty spray or a more concentrated spray, this has you covered. You can also go from a spray that goes real far or drip watering, you really can use this for pretty much every watering or liquid application you may need around the home.

✅DESIGN: With its durable design you can put most liquids on here and it won’t damage the container. You can even see how much liquid you have with its translucent container. Not only is it durable, it’s also convenient with its included adjustable shoulder strap so you can carry it around while using it. It even has a safety lock & valve which protects you from pressurized liquids or gasses.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it safe from lead etc?

A: The sprayer is made of polypropylene plastic, so yes it is safe.

Q: Can I use pure bleach in it?

A: Yes, you can.