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Answer your door from anywhere in the world with this smart doorbell!

Why do we need a Video Doorbell?

All of us are worried about the safety of our homes and houses whenever we leave it. Even just going to the grocery store leaves us frazzled and paranoid about what may happen while we are absent.

Someone may break-in or maybe our parcel can get lost because we are not there to receive it.

But if you have a Video Doorbell installed in your home you will not fear anything might happen while you are away. You can monitor and answer your door from anywhere because this Video Doorbell is connected to your phone!

Convenience at its best!

Why buy our Video Doorbell?

Of course, for SAFETY AND SECURITY. Protect your home day and night with motion sensors and infrared night vision. Keep your home safe at night.

It allows you a WIRELESS VIEWING. The dedicated application allows you to view and talk from your mobile devices. You can now answer anyone from anywhere you are! You can give instructions to the delivery man or prevent anyone from attempting to intrude on your home by being answering your door even if you are not there.

LOW POWER CONSUMPTION. The device is built with a high-tech processor that provides superb performance but keeping its low-power consumption. Giving you longer use of the batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Does it have a motion sensor?
Answer: The smart video doorbell is designed with a motion detection technology. Detecting the slightest motion in front of the door and automatically records a video for you to review. The sensitivity of the motion sensor is adjustable from low, medium to high sensitivity. Get instant alerts when visitors press your doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors.

Question: Does it have a clear view during the night or low light?
Answer: The video doorbell is built with six (6) infrared lamps for night vision capability. The camera automatically switches the IR lamps to ensure a clear view. Protect your home day and night with infrared night vision. Keep your home safe at night.

Question: What is the quality of the camera?
Answer: The video doorbell camera is built with an HD camera with a 720P resolution for real-time crystal clear view with a 166 degrees wide-angle lens to capture and never miss any visitor.

Question: Is it AC or battery-powered?
Answer: The wireless video doorbell is powered by three (3) 18650 rechargeable batteries. Also, it has an AC power connection and a micro-USB input to use with USB power supply. AC power supply must have an 18-24V power output to work with the doorbell camera.

Question: How to use with mobile devices?
Answer: The video doorbell is designed with a dedicated application that you can download to work with iOS and android devices. The application lets you set settings for the wireless doorbell, and to be able to view and answer when any visitor/s uses the wireless video doorbell.

 Package Includes:
*1 video doorbell

(A) Doorbell + 3 Batteries + Chime
(B) Doorbell + 3 Batteries + Chime + 8gb sdc
(C) Doorbell + 3 Batteries + Chime + 32gb sdc

Protect your home even if you are not there using this super smart and very modern doorbell. 

Video Doorbell the ultimate modern home security protection that you and everyone needs.