Turkey Deep Fryer Set

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Easily Cook The Crispiest & Juiciest Bird Ever!

This fryer is perfect for frying turkeys. I have a 20lb turkey and realized my old fryer was broken. It works great! The temperature stays at 350 and it’s able to hold a 20lb turkey. The pots are just as thick as any other standard turkey fryer I’ve owned. - Daniel M.

Why Buy Our Turkey Deep Fryer Set?

COMBO DESIGN: The 30 Qt. Turkey Fryer includes a basket for deep-frying or steaming turkey and seafood, and can also be used without the basket to boil soups, stews, and jambalaya. The 10 Qt. Fish Fryer is perfect for frying fish, chicken wings, French fries, and smaller items, but not suitable for heavy turkey.

EASY PREPARATION: The hassle-free marinade injector adds flavor effortlessly during turkey preparation. An instant-read long probe thermometer allows real-time monitoring of oil temperature. The lifting handle easily hooks onto the top of the plated turkey rack after deep frying. Dual riveted heat-resistant handles ensure easy handling of the hot pot.

HEAVY DUTY: With a 50,000 BTU cast iron burner, this set ensures powerful frying for heavy turkeys or baskets filled with fish. The adjustable air control panel, along with resistant mesh, maintains a clean blue flame while controlling oxygen or gas consumption. Additionally, the square, all-welded steel stand with four triangle legs provides durable support, crucial for secure footing and preventing tipping during high-heat outdoor oil cooking.

📋 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How big of a turkey will it fit?
A: I had a 24lb turkey. And it just made it in.

Q: Is the peanut oil reusable or one-time only?
A: It can be reused up to 3 uses. Just filter and restore in same container.