Truck Wheel Stabilizers (2-PCS)

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Rocking Trailer Keeping You Up At Night? These Stabilizers Will Fix That Up Just Right!

Tired of waking up to a rocking RV whenever someone goes for a late-night bathroom break? Getting sick of the trailer shaking every time someone walks around? Don’t like your trailer shaking or swaying?

Now you can relax in your trailer and sleep comfortably with these Truck Wheel Stabilizers!

Why do you need a Truck Wheel Stabilizer?

Picture this: You’re feeling giddy, getting ready for camping season. A few weeks away from now, you’re gonna be going around the country with the family, enjoying the great outdoors, spending some quality time.

But the wife and kids just don’t seem up for it, and she told you that she can’t even sleep well in your rickety RV. She’s also worried all that shaking could make the kids trip and fall, needing not just a trip to the hospital but also repairs to the damage in the RV, if unlucky.

And unless you find a way to fix that, it looks like there won’t be any camping this year.

Today is your lucky day! With these Truck Wheel Stabilizers, you won’t ever have to worry about accidents, injuries or being rocked awake at daybreak every morning!

Sleep in comfort AND save money by investing in these wheel stabilizers, because as opposed to other chocks, the truck works with the tires’ natural movement instead of against them, minimizing the impact made by walking around from bouncing into the wheels and shaking up your entire camping trip.

And this isn’t just for RV’s, mind you! You can also use this on campers, trailers, and anything that could be called a home on the road.

Get rid of your shaky worries and the family’s stirred up feelings by getting these Truck Wheel Stabilizers NOW!

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Why buy our Truck Wheel Stabilizer?

Specialized: Unlike traditional chocks that are meant to keep your trailer in place, these stabilizers work by providing added stabilization and preventing tire shifts, by applying opposing force to tandem tire applications. It is made to reduce shakes and quakes made by moving in the trailer.

Versatile: Wheel Stabilizers work with a variety of tire gap sizes, from less than 2 inches and up to 10 inches, these stabilizers will secure them all. 

Easy installation: Perfect for people on the go, it takes less than 10 minutes to get them on or off AND the package comes with a reversible ratchet tool to help with installation.

Cost-efficient: A worthwhile investment since products like these are hard to come by, and you really can’t put a price on the comfort of your family.

Sturdy: Coated with rust proof materials to resist the elements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can these be locked in place? Worried about being stolen.

A: A small padlock can be placed on the top part of the truck stabilizers after installation is finished to ensure security.

❗ Padlock is NOT included.

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Q: Can I install these right after parking the RV? 
A: Do not forget to install Truck Wheel Stabilizers AFTER leveling your rig as installing them beforehand then leveling the rig will likely cause the stabilizer to be damaged. It is recommended to install them after the tires have cooled down as the tires will shrink a bit after cooling down.

Q: Are these compatible with my RV tires?
A: These are often used for 5th tire type RV’s, you should know if these can be used with your fifth tire. 

How To Install:

1. Level your vehicle. This step may require block-style chocks and or levelers.

Block-style chocks and levelers NOT included.

2. Place the truck wheel stabilizers between closely spaced tires by putting one side of the x-chock against a tire.
3. Tighten the top nut using the wrench until the other side of the wheel stabilizers hits the other tire.
4. Keep tightening the top nut until the wheel stabilizers are firmly secured against the sides of the tires.
5. Once a proper fit is ensured, you're ready to enjoy a stable vehicle.

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💡 Put your truck wheel stabilizers on before running your slide(s) out if they cover your wheels. 

How To Remove:

  1. Loosen the top nut using the ratchet wrench
  2. Remove the truck stabilizers from between the tires


How to check if your tires are compatible with truck stabilizers:

1. Consult a tire professional at least once a year.
2. Check the manufacturing date of your tires to determine its age

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3. Research the best size of tires for your 5th wheeler.
4. Look for signs of weathering or worn tires.

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 ⚠️ Caution

  • Install Truck Wheel Stabilizers AFTER leveling your rig and remove BEFORE hitching up! Because of the way truck stabilizers “lock” your wheels together you can damage them or (less likely) your suspension system if you raise or lower your rig with them installed.
  • These wheel stabilizers are not a replacement for the traditional block-style wheel chocks. Always use them together as these wheel stabilizers are designed to stabilize your rig while block-style chocks keep your rig from rolling.


  • Material: Metal
  • Dimensions: 16 x 7.8 x 4.5 in
  • Max. Retraction: 1 3/8 in
  • Max. Extension: 10 in
  • Weight: 11.2 lbs
  • Plated Ratchet Wrench: 3/4 inch, about 7 inches long

Package Inclusions:

  • 2 x Truck Wheel Stabilizers
  • 1 x Plated Ratchet Wrench

Make your trips more comfortable than ever, by getting these Truck Wheel Stabilizers! Sleep well and rest easy because after installing these, you won’t have to worry about the entire RV shaking just cause someone went to the bathroom. Not just that, avoid trips and damages by keeping your camper steady in the rugged outdoors!

No more shaking, stress or worry for the kids and the wife, these Truck Wheel Stabilizers will stabilize your RV life!