Truck Anchor Pin Bushing Kit

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Easily Remove And Install Anchor Pin Bushings!

"Very useful product from removing old bushings and installing new ones. A definitely recommended tool to have!" - Ryan W.

Why Buy Our Truck Anchor Pin Bushing Kit?

✅EASY TO USE: Easily removes and installs truck and trailer 1-3/8" anchor pin bushings and stuck anchor pin. To install anchor pin bushings use the flanged end and to remove use the tapered end.

✅CONVENIENT: Comes with an 11-1/2" long driver that allows bushings to be driven straight without removing the hub assembly and a Double-sided cone that snaps onto the driver to drive out and install bushings.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long is the driver?

A: It's 11-1/2" long.

Q: So I use the other end of the cone to install and the other to remove?

A: Yes, to remove anchor pins use the flanged end and to remove, use the tapered end.