Triple Reach Light Bulb Changer Kit

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Easily Change Light Bulbs With Your Feet On The Ground!

Worried about getting up on a step ladder just to change your light bulb? Or hesitant because of the risk of an electric shock? Maybe you have shaky hands that might drop and break the light bulb?

Not anymore with this Triple Reach Light Bulb Changer Kit!

Why do you need a Triple Reach Light Bulb Changer Kit?

Changing light bulbs can be a simple task, but it still comes with it’s own risk especially for light bulbs that are way too far out of reach or special ones like spotlights, chandeliers, fan lights. Ideal for houses with 2 storey floors or higher!

From shaky hands, shaky ladders to unexpected shocks, there are many factors that may end up with the bulb being smashed on the floor, or worse, you getting injured.

That’s what you need a Triple Reach Light Bulb Changer! With three times the normal reach of a person, you can easily and comfortably change your light bulb without getting off the ground and without risk of accidents or injury!

Why buy our Triple Reach Light Bulb Changer Kit?

Long Reach: With a 17 ft. reach - 3 times that of an average person - you can comfortably change light bulbs without the use of platforms or step ladders!

Non-Conducting: The no metal parts handle helps avoid any electrical shocks from the bulb outlet, reducing the risk of injuries and incidents!

Safe: With the lock clip feature and the quick release function you can easily grip and loosen your hold on the light bulb for smooth operation!

Flexible: Change light bulbs ranging from small, medium to large as well as fluorescent, spotlights and floodlights! You’ll find a use for this in any home!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a risk of the suction coming loose and the light bulb falling?

A: Thanks to the innovative lock lip feature, the handles and the suction will NOT come loose during use!

How To Use:

  1. Simply push the suction part towards the light bulb

  2. Press and twist it to unscrew and gently pull the light bulb down.

  3. Place a new light bulb into the suction cup.

  4. Screw into the new bulb outlet using the extension wand


  • Product Dimensions: 17x1 inches

  • Item Weight: 0.4 lbs 

Package Inclusions:

  • 1 x Light Bulb Changer Extension Wand

  • 1 x Small, Medium and Large Fluorescent Bulb Changer

  • 1 x Flood Light Changer

  • 1 x Spotlight Changer

Say goodbye to the risks of injuries or damages with a Triple Reach Light Bulb Changer Kit! Widely bought and used by many american households thanks to how handy, simple and safe it is!

When it comes to household tools, go for the american-made, american-safe option! Get one NOW!