Telescopic Wire Puller Pole

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Reach Cables From Afar In Seconds!

“It’s pretty sturdy and extends out for about 18 feet! I had a long span in a dry-walled ceiling and had to pull a CAT 6 cable. What would have been an extremely tedious and difficult job with fish sticks took me 5 minutes with this tool. It is a must-have for all low-volt and IT people!” - Albert Baker

Why Get Our Telescopic Wire Puller Pole?

RELIABLE: When speed counts, look no further, our tool extends to 18 feet in 10 seconds! Easily retrieve cables from a distance without needing an extra pair of hands to shorten installation time. It also retracts to 32” for easy storage and transport. Great for low-voltage applications.

TOP QUALITY: It has a padded shoulder strap and a large hook attachment that can pull multiple wires without a hassle. Its quick and easy extension with friction-twist lock design stays locked in place and will not spin loose or collapse. Also, its lightweight resin with durable enamel protective finish slides easily over obstructions, making your work more efficient.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this be used to push the wire?

A: Yes, it can! It expands and will lock in place once you reach your desired length so you can easily push or pull wires.

Q: Does this item come with other attachments such as z-hook etc?

A: No