Telescopic Microfiber Gap Cleaner

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Clean Every Nook & Cranny!

"This item works really well. I was able to clean under furniture without moving the furniture. It's flexible and easy to use. Also, the dust covers can be removed and washed.”  - Lydia Marshall

Why Buy Our Telescopic Microfiber Gap Cleaner?

✅CLEANS: Clean the most ignored parts in your home with our Telescopic Microfiber Gap Cleaner! It fits under your stoves, furniture and even reaches ceilings, tight gaps & more! It can even be used as a broom and sweep under objects as it bends and flexes by putting pressure on the cleaning head!

✅DURABLE: It comes with three microfiber cloths that are easy to clean as you simply need to wash it without any complicated process. It’s easy to install and collapse so you can store it wherever you want in your home! The design also makes it extend up to 2.5 meters.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it fit under stoves?

A: Yes, it can!

Q: How many cloths does it come with?

A: It comes with three pieces.