Telescopic Hose

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Length: 25ft
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Why do we need Telescopic Hose?

When you love gardening, or just planning to garden you automatically think of your watering system. You think what is the best way to bring water to your plants the most efficient, affordable way.

It is either through a sprinkler or hosing system. But the thing is sprinkler can only reach so much. So the wise choice is a hose.

But what type of hose?

Of course, you should go with the one that detangles itself and does not kink. You would not have to worry about fixing your hose after you use it or even roll it because it will fix itself.

How convenient right?

Why buy our Telescopic Hose?

This is one, our brand is not one to break easily. It is built to last long. Hammer it, step on it, pull it, it will not break. Aside from that, it is usable for a very long time. It has 2 hose, one inner expandable hose, and one outer hose. Protected inside and outside then retracts and contracts itself.

Convenient, smart, and very useful.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) :

  • Is this compatible with a compression faucet?
  • Yes. It can work for a variety of faucets such as ball, compression and washer faucets. The connector of the hose is 1.6”. You can buy a universal connector if the connector that comes with the product is small or big for your tap.

  • What is the length of the hose?
  • You can choose from different sizes ranging from 25ft to 200ft.

  • Can this work even with heated water running through it?
  • Definitely! It is made from high quality, highly durable latex and polyester material that is designed to resist pressure and combustion. It is unavoidable that some areas really have hot water running from the moment tap’s open especially during noon, so after use, better get rid of excess water in the hose before putting it away.

  • Will it burst with high pressure?
  • No. This hose, in fact, can work with pressure washer provided that it’s connected first. Also, it won’t shrink when water is still running in it and you’re moving it around. It will only shrink back to its original size water is out the hose.

  • Is the water gun/ nozzle easy to install?
  • Yes. Very easy. Just follow the manual carefully or refer to the how to video here for installing.

    Product Includes:
    *A choice between 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, and 200 feet long hose

    💰Limited Offer💰 Bundle Packs are composed of TWO hoses with different lengths

    Tangled hose? Constantly kinking? Leaking hose? Bahhhh!

    With Telescopic hose, you got yourself a smart self-detangling durable hose!