Stand-Off Ladder Stabilizer

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Avoid Damaging Your Gutters!

"Awesome sturdy attachment for your extension ladder. Makes cleaning the gutters easier and safe. Now I'm able to just reach down into the gutters.” - Joseph Huber

Why Buy Our Stand-Off Ladder Stabilizer?

✅STAND-OFF: Our Stand-Off Ladder Stabilizer provides a 19” standoff from roofing and walls that makes it easy to avoid damaging your gutters or shingles as well as using it on walls. This not only gives you more safety & security because of its wide base when used normally, it also provides you with a wider use-case for your ladders making them more versatile.

✅DESIGN: This is engineered for direct roof placement, ensuring you can tackle any elevated task with confidence. Crafted in the USA from rugged, rust-resistant steel, it provides the stability and durability you need for a seamless, non-marring reach up to 36 inches. Easily adaptable to major aluminum, wood, and fiberglass ladders, installation and removal are a breeze, making your ladder safety as simple as it should be.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this standoff stabilizer fit Little Giant ladders?

A: No, this will not fit. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Q: What ladders does this work with?

A: As long as the rungs are 12 inches on center and wider than 11 3/4 it will fit.