Spring Compressor Tool

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The Best Tool For Large Cars And Trucks!

"I highly recommend this for those doing spring compression on vehicles. Definitely one of the best tools I've bought this year." - Isaac J.

Why Buy Our Spring Compressor Tool?

✅CONVENIENT: For removing struts and coil springs, made to reduce tool flexing, bending, warping, and bears 2,204 lbs maximum capacity per pair. These coil spring compressors are usable for almost any vehicle make including large cars and trucks.

✅STURDY: The hooks grip the springs tightly by turning the easy-to-use hex nuts. Made with durable and hardened hooks for maximum strength and longevity.

✅MULTIFUNCTION: With a wide jaw capacity of 0.90 inches - 11.02 inches makes this coil spring compressor tool ideal for a range of vehicles, assisting the mechanic with years of compression jobs. Ideal for any car or motorcycle coil spring compressor.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the jaw length?

A: It has a wide jaw capacity of 0.90 inches - 11.02 inches.

Q: How to use it?


  1. Hook the spring tensions into position on opposite sides of the spring to cover as many turns as possible.
  2. Using a spanner or impact wrench, tighten the 19mm spindle driver heads alternately.
  3. Install the new coil spring.
  4. Using the drive heads alternately release the tension on the spring evenly.