Spare Tire Carrier Spacer

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Carry Aftermarket Wheels!

"Practical, inexpensive approach compared to retrofitting with new rear bumper and/or spare tire carrier to accommodate larger tires.” - Jonathan Oliver

Why Buy Our Spare Tire Carrier Spacer?

✅SPACER: Upgrade your spare tire carrier with our Spare Tire Carrier Spacer! It allows you to ditch your stock spare tire wheels for a bigger & better aftermarket one. It fits up to 33” spare tires so you have a good leeway on the type of wheels you want from off-roading to everyday use.

✅DESIGN: The installation process works with 5x5 & 5x4.5 Bolt Patterns. It features 1/4-inch plate steel construction, that is robot welded so precisely no human can match it alongside being laser cut. This spacer is easy to install, featuring a 100% bolt-on installation procedure that can have your 5th wheel up and running in no-time flat!


  • It is ultimately the buyer's responsibility to have all bolts/nuts checked for tightness after the first 500 miles, and then again every 1,000 miles. Wheel alignment, steering system, suspension, and driveline systems must be inspected by a qualified, professional mechanic at least every 3,000 miles.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will it be good for a 285/70/17 tire on stock rims?

A: Yes, that tire is 32.7 inches in diameter and 11.22 inches in width. This spacer can fit up to 33 × 12.5.

Q: Does this come with the lug studs also, so you can mount the spare?

A: Yes, the lug studs are included. You only have to insert and press them into whatever pattern you need.