Skimming Blade Combo Set

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Size: 24" Blade
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Smooth with Ease 🙌

Skimming Blade Combo Set

“I bought these to level out our siding's texture. I was able to do a lot in a short amount of time. Highly recommended to smooth those drywall surfaces.” Sara Evans

How Convenient Is This? 🧐

Durable:  Blades are made of 0.3mm high-quality European stainless steel and feature aircraft-grade, extruded aluminum housings for maximum rigidity across the blade span. Blade handles are extremely lightweight yet strong and tough even when fully extended.

Skimming Blade

Efficient: They move mud with ease and precision, allowing finishers to finish work quickly with consistent and professional results.

Skimming Blade Combo Set - Handle

Convenient: The blade inserts are detachable which you can easily replace when the parts are old. Handles are extendable so you can finish hard-to-reach areas and tight angles easily.

Skimming Blade Combo Set

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the purpose of the product?
A: This is used to smooth and skim drywall to reduce the amount of sanding needed.

Q: What are the specific uses for the skimming blades?
A: 24-inch and 32-inch skimming blades are perfect for completing butt joints or slightly wider areas and will finish the job faster than smaller trowels or finishing knives.

Skimming Blade Combo Set Specifications
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