Silicone Shower Door Bottom Seal

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Size: 1/4" Bottom
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Easily Seal Your Frameless Shower Door!

Great product! It comes with two seal layers to prevent water from escaping. I love that it came with two pieces, so I have a replacement in the future. I used an electric handsaw to easily & smoothly cut it to the right length. They work really well, and I won’t have to worry about water leaking out onto the bathroom floor anymore!” - Paula Torres

Why Buy Our Silicone Shower Door Bottom Seal?

RELIABLE: Effectively seal the gap in the bottom of your bathroom door and keep your bathroom floor clean & free from water leaks with our silicone seal! It fits any ¼”, ½”, and ⅜” thick glass but can easily be cut to fit a shorter door with a hacksaw, tin snips, or utility knife.

EASY INSTALLATION: It is designed to attach to the bottom of frameless, swinging shower doors without adhesives or glues. Use it to replace discolored shower door seals or leaky, unreliable seals. Installation takes minutes; simply cut it to the required length, wipe the glass door, and place the new seal below the shower door, and you are done!

HIGH QUALITY: This silicone seal is made of clear, high-quality PE material, ensuring its durability, softness, and no friction sound when the bathroom door is sliding. It can be used with temperatures dropping to minus 60°C for years without causing discoloration. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this seal work on a sliding glass shower door?

A: No, it is only designed for hinged and swinging shower doors.

Q: Does this come in 2 pieces?

A: Yes

Q: How do you make this stick on the glass?

A: This silicone seal fits on the bottom of a bathroom door and slips over snuggly if you measure the thickness properly. No glue or adhesive is required.