Secure Window And Door Alarm

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Protect Your Home!

"These little devices are loud enough to wake you up if someone tries to break in through a window. They are also quite sensitive to touch, love it!” - Collin Post

Why Buy Our Secure Window And Door Alarm?

✅ALARM: Protect and secure your home easily with our Secure Window and Door Alarm! With the included double-sided tape you can easily put the alarm and the sensor on a flat surface of your window or door and turn it on, it’s that easy. Now you can have peace of mind when in the privacy of your own home.

✅DESIGN: Equipped with a robust magnetic sensor, it triggers a powerful up to 120-decibel alarm or a chime for added security. Easy to operate, powered by long-lasting batteries, and conveniently provided in a set of four, these alarms ensure comprehensive protection for your peace of mind.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do these have the option to permanently attach them with screws?

A: No, they do not.

Q: Is the alarm 45174 ul approved?

A: No, our alarm is battery operated and therefore does not require the UL approval.