Seat Gap Filler

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Seat and drive comfortably with this seat gap filler

Why do we need a Seat Gap Filler? 

Are you a person with OCD or just a person who keeps on losing things inside their car? Or you want your car always clean and organized? 

Well, if you are either of those this simple solution might help you in a lot of ways than you think possible. 

Seat Gap Filler is designed to keep your car organized. This will help you lessen the time of cleaning of your car, no more reaching deep beneath your seats for long-forgotten things because Seat Gap Filler is here to save the day.

Why buy our Seat Gap Filler? 

It PREVENTS DISTRACTION WHILE DRIVING. No need to reach in the gap for fallen things, and get into an accident. This seat gap filler will prevent stuff from falling into the gap and going under the seat.

NO MORE LOSING BELONGINGS. No more guessing where the things or personal belongings fell. This will prevent them from falling into that gap, and you will save time finding them elsewhere.

Helps you get more ORGANIZED AND CLEAN in your car. This prevents mess under your seats and allows you less time in cleaning your car.

Very EASY TO INSTALL. The seat gap filler is very easy to install, just attach it to the seat belt catch via the slot, and you are ready to go.

*Note: You can clean this by wiping. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What is the common use of this gap filler?
Answer: The seat gap filler is used to vehicle seats (driver/passenger) to fill the gap between the seat and center console to prevent your personal belongings from falling into the gap and under the seat of your car.

Question: Does it move when the seat is adjusted?
Answer: The seat gap filler is designed with a slot where the seat belt catch goes through, it is designed to anchor the leather gap filler making it secure even when adjusting the seat.

Question: Does it fit any car?
Answer: The seat gap filler is made of leather and high elastic cotton sponge to contract or expands to fit into the gap of the seat and center console of most vehicles.

Question: Does it come in different colors?
Answer: The seat gap filler comes with different colors to choose from. Enhance the appearance of your interior with the color of your taste.

 Package Includes:
*the seat gap filler comes in set of two or four and is about 17 inches long. The size may differ by around 1 or 2 inches due to manual measurement.

No more losing your minds because of lost things inside your car, or no more going crazy thinking how you will get that stuff out underneath your car. Seat Gap Filler is a simple yet flexible solution to many car organization problems.