Sanitary Butterfly Valve

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Size: Tube OD - 1.5"
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Sanitary Processing!

This valve is amazing. I made a brew, "keggle," out of a 15.5 keg, this works flawlessly. - Caleb Larsen

Why Buy Our Sanitary Butterfly Valve?

✅VALVE: Make sure your food, drinks & medicine meets the proper health code with our Sanitary Butterfly Valve! It’s a great option to get a low leak rate valve that minimizes the amount of contaminants to make it safe for you & the public to eat & drink. It’s also easy to operate, clean  & install making for a great option for manufacturers & DIYers!

✅CONTROL: Easily set the valve in three different positions with a pull and turn, reducing operating torque for smooth adjustments. The manual operation handle ensures a secure mechanical lock, keeping the valve confidently in its full open, half open, and closed positions. Upgrade your experience with intuitive handling and precise valve control.

✅DESIGN: Manufactured in accordance with different surface finishes, materials and industry standards including ISO, DIN, IDF, SMS, etc. Crafted from 304 Stainless Steel, it can handle temperatures ranging from 15°F to 200°F. With a maximum pressure rating of 1.6MPA, this valve combines robust material quality and precise engineering for reliable performance in critical applications.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use this with an ss brewtech home brewing chronical fermenter; stainless steel (7 gallon)?

A: Yes, you can use this for that purpose.

Q: Would this work on a 5 gal bucket?

A: If you have a 2 inch tri clamp port it would.