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Perfect Fit of Protection 👌

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These goggles are the best I've found in terms of comfort, vision, and, most importantly, they haven't fogged up yet. I use these for a variety of tasks outside, particularly when mowing our 2-acre property with use this while I’m edging and trimming our hedges.

Glen Tucker

How Great Are These Safety Goggles? 🌟

Durable: The lenses are multi-coated in a complex process that ensures the glasses do not fog from the inside, are extremely scratch-resistant, and shield your eyes from UV light.

Multi Coated Lens of Safety Goggles
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Comfortable: The goggles' soft rubber seal provides ultimate wearing comfort that avoids any painful pressure points while wearing.

Safety Goggles
Safety Goggles

Perfect Fit: The Safety Glasses are a great fit for anyone; just adjust the headband for a secure fit and can be worn with or without prescription glasses. Also, the safety goggles give a panoramic view that provides full coverage from all sides.

Safety Goggles Certifications

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are the goggles certified?
A: Yes. The safety goggles have been approved and certified for the US market according to US ANSI Z87+ and German standards DIN EN 166 and EN 170.

Q: Do the goggles have an odor?
A: There are no chemical odors or chemicals that may cause irritations to the skin. We only use skin-friendly, skin-neutral ingredients, ensuring complete safety and next-to-skin comfort.

    Safety Goggles