RV Water Tank Rubber Grommet

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Size: 1-1/2" Grommet
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Get The Durable Grommet For Your RV Water Tank!

"Easy to install in my tank, and I like the lip for the secure fit. I just cut a hole in the tank according to the suggested size, and It seals nicely with no leaks. I highly recommend this if you need to replace a grommet!Seth Smith

Why Buy Our RV Water Tank Rubber Grommet?

✅QUALITY REPLACEMENT: Easily install or replace the grommet that connects your RV's 1-1/2" & 3" drain pipe to your water tank with this durable Rubber Grommet. It installs in a 2-1/2" and 3-7/8" holes in the bottom of your RV's water tank, ensuring you will have a secure and sealed drain pipe connection.

✅DURABLE: It is made of durable rubber material that won’t rot and wear for a long time use. Our grommets are available in two sizes that are perfect for any of your RV polyethylene tanks.


  • It is recommended to seal it tight with a hose clamp (Not included).
  • Easy Installation: Once you have the grommet in place, you can go ahead and install your drain pipe. Make sure that it goes inside the tank grommet, and then you can seal it with a hose clamp.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these reusable, or is a new one required for every tank replacement?

A: As often as a tank needs to be replaced, we suggest that the grommet should be replaced too.

Q: Will this work for an ABS black pipe going into an RV black tank?

A: Yes

Q: For installation, does it just snap over and into the tank?

A: Yes, there are two flanges, and the lower flange goes into the tank. The upper flange will be on the outside of the tank. If installed correctly, the tank wall is between the two flanges.