RV Refrigerator & Converter Vent Latch

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Style: 2 Pieces
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Remove The Rattling From Your RV Vents!

"My fridge panel had a broken plastic piece and this fit great! Popped the old one out then lined it up and hammered it into the slot - fridge panel now secure on both sides of the RV.” - Connor Philips

Why Buy Our RV Refrigerator & Converter Vent Latch?

✅REPLACEMENT: When it comes to your RV's refrigerator and converter, proper ventilation is paramount. This ensures that your refrigerator and converter operate at their peak performance levels. By promoting airflow, this latch safeguards against overheating, which can cause damage to these vital systems and compromise their effectiveness during your travels.

✅DESIGN: Comes in two & ten pieces, Universally fits RVs with no problem, and works like a charm in fixing the problem that would’ve cost an absurd amount of money if you decided to do a service call instead!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you sell only the long clips?

A: It’s only available in 1 short and 1 long, the 10 pack does have five long pieces if that’s alright with you.

Q: Will this fit my refrigerator vent?

A: It’s a universal fit.