RV Portable Macerator Waste Pump

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RV Waste Disposal!

"I'm impressed! This pump was easy to set up and worked flawlessly. It pumped my tank out faster than I expected since I had such a long hose lay! - Jacob Buckley

Why Buy Our RV Portable Macerator Waste Pump?

✅PUMP: Dispose of your waste with ease even without a dump station with our RV Portable Macerator Waste Pump! It cuts up & pumps out your waste through a hose or ¾” garden hose to a proper place of disposal. Works quickly, quietly & neatly with very little chance of generating a mess.

✅DESIGN: Features a high-performance all-copper motor for low power consumption and quiet operation. With the ability to empty a 150-liter sewage tank in just 5 minutes, you'll save time and enjoy a hassle-free experience. No more clogs with its impressive 95% reduction in particle size – the ideal choice for efficient waste disposal on the road.

✅PACKAGE: It comes with everything you need from the ¾” garden hose adapter, alligator clips, adapter cables & metal clamps. It’s easy to power as you can use your car battery or 12 volt outlet. Fits standard 3” outlets.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will these macerators chew up the baby type wipes?

A: No, they are not designed for that.

Q: Can you run bleach through this pump?

A: Yes, it’s not a problem to run bleach through this pump.