Rolling Knife Sharpener

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Sharpen Knives Like A Pro!

This knife sharpener is amazing, this makes sharpening knives incredibly easy with a high-quality result too! My knife is even sharper than when I bought it! - Connor Travis

Why Buy Our Rolling Knife Sharpener?

✅SHARPENER: You don’t have to worry about improperly sharpening your knife with our Rolling Knife Sharpener! Simply set it up with the magnetic angle support and pick which angle is best for your knife with 15-degrees being great for everyday use and 20-degrees for high-sharpness tasks. Once you’re done with that simply grind away and test out the sharpness as you go, it’s incredibly quick & easy!

✅VERSATILE: This is a versatile sharpener as you can use it for everyday tasks & high-sharpness tasks. It includes both the 15-degree and 20-degree support so you simply need to put your knife or even some tools against it and you’re good to go. The grinding disc itself has both 400 and 1000 grit on its ends, making it easy to really fine-tune the sharpness of your knife.

✅DESIGN: It’s a simple design that’s really compact. You can store it anywhere in your kitchen or if you have a job in the food industry, it’s easy to carry this around with you! The materials itself are eye-catching with its high-grade natural wood with an aesthetically pleasing grain pattern. With its durability you don’t need to worry about being a bit rough with this sharpener!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this good for hunting knives?

A: Yes, it works great for hunting knives.

Q: I have pocket knives and large kitchen knives, is this rolling knife sharpener kit compatible with sharpening these knives?

A: Yes it is compatible with both. Though with a small knife you would want to place it higher on the magnetic support to properly sharpen the edge. In contrast, with a bigger knife you would need a cutting board or some sort of prop to elevate the grinding disc to properly get to the edge of the knife.