Reversible Safety Wire Pliers

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Size: 9" Reversible Safety Wire Pliers Only
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Secure Your Fasteners!

"I use this instead of zip ties outdoors where UV breakdown could be an issue. Super easy and will last much longer! - Thomas Allen

Why Buy Our Reversible Safety Wire Pliers?

✅TWISTS: Avoid manually twisting wires with our Reversible Safety Wire Pliers! Once you grip the wires you can lock it and then pull on the end to start twisting it faster than your hands ever could! It also of course cuts wires easily & it’s able to twist both clockwise and counterclockwise making it very useful, ideal for aircraft, racecars, fence work & other mundane activities.

✅DESIGN: This reversible wire twist tool set comes with a 10-meter long 0.5 mm zinc-plated steel wire to assist in performing reliable and safe wiring. Made with forged carbon steel that features tapered jaws for easy use in confined areas, powerful clamping, and long-lasting strength and durability.


📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it comes with wires?

A: Yes, it comes with a 10-meter long 0.5 mm zinc-plated steel wire.

Q: How do you lock the pliers?

A: You push down on the middle metal piece to keep its grip in place.