Rebar Wire Twister

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Convenient and Efficient Tool 🙌

Rebar Wire Twister

"Time-Saver! Neatly ties wires, we were building a new garage and this tool worked great and made a tedious job finish quickly" - Edmon Wright

Rebar Wire Twister

How does this tool work? 🧐

Efficient: These rebar wire twister tools are used to tie steel bars together in construction easily. These are designed for tying, twisting, and pulling, allows you to hold the bars together quickly and securely.

Rebar Wire Twister

Durable: This tool is made of high-quality steel and the inside of the hook is threaded and rebounded; after tightening the handle and the end wire, it will immediately bounce back, removing the need for winding.

Hooks of Rebar Wire Twister

Convenient: These rebar tie tools automatically recoil and reload, saving time and relieving hand fatigue. The semi-automatic feature reduces repetitive behavior and relieves wrist and hand pressure.

Easy Steps to Use Rebar Wire Twister
How to use Rebar Wire Twister
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📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the materials used for this product?

A: The tool is made of carbon steel while the handle is made of non-slip plastic which is easy to grip.

Q: How do I store this tool?

A: The tool comes with a tailhook that you can use to hang it on your walls or garage and store it.

How to Store Rebar Wire Twister


Specifications of Rebar Wire Twister


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