Quick Multi-Angle Cup Rinser

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Easy Cup Washing & Rinsing!

"It's perfect for cleaning wine glasses, beer glasses, and any other glassware that needs a quick rinse. Saves me so much time!  - Toby Austin

Why Buy Our Quick Multi-Angle Cup Rinser?

✅RINSES: Significantly cut down on your washing time with our Quick Multi-Angle Cup Rinser! You simply take any cup or glass you have and push it down and it’ll automatically rinse it down for you! It has multiple precisely cut holes that specifically target the closest and deepest parts of your cup rinsing & washing it entirely. Saves you so much frustration and effort!

✅CONVENIENT: It comes with an installation kit & instructions that make it easy to install! This sink cup cleaner is wide enough to wash large cups, baby bottles, wine glasses, sports bottles, mason jars, and mugs. It even comes with a drying mat for all your washed cups & glasses!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What size holes should be for the mounting nut?

A: The mounting hole size can be from 0.81 to 1.5 inches. you can choose the diamond hole saw accordingly.

Q: What is the max diameter of cups that can be rinsed here?

A: The maximum diameter is 4” for it to fit.