Quality AC Unit Capacitor

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Style: 30+5 uF ±6%
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Repair Your AC!

"Checked out the old capacitor's specs, compared and found this. I changed it out in about 2 minutes. And now my outdoor AC works like new.” - Jacob Shaw

Why Buy Our Quality AC Unit Capacitor?

✅REPLACEMENT: Replace your faulty capacitor with our Quality AC Capacitor! It is incredibly easy to install, simply plug the terminals in the same place they were plugged in your old one. Make sure that power is disconnected and if you have one, check with a multimeter if there is still power.

✅VERSATILE: It is a universal model made with safety in mind with it being able to operate in -104℉ to +158℉ temperatures and an anti-explosion design. It has a 50/60 Hz frequency with a 10,000 available fault current.

🧰 When To Replace Your Capacitor & How 🧰

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What specific model numbers does it replace?

A: Here is the full list: Link

Q: Can it be used to replace 370V?

A: Yes it can.