Pressure Washer Sewer Jetter Kit

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Size: 50 FT
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Say Goodbye to Clogged Sewers!

I used it to clear a blockage in a pipe in our garage. After having a commercial company come out multiple times to clear it and a family member working on it manually for countless hours, we decided to go the pressure washer route and ordered this kit. It’s the best thing we had done, it cleared the pipe out in a matter of minutes! Couldn't be happier with this purchase.” - Derrick A.

Why Buy Our Pressure Washer Sewer Jetter Kit?

CONVENIENT: The sewer jetter hose with 1/4" NPT male connector on the end is made of dual-layer terylene reinforcement and it is coated in PVC making it durable, weather-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. It also comes with a button nose sewer jetter nozzle and rotating sewer jetter nozzle that can dislodge and clear obstructions in hard-to-reach spaces.

EASY TO USE: Easily connect the sewer jetter hose to a pressure washer or a pressure washer pump using its quick connector and choose the appropriate nozzle to clean your clogged pipes or sewers. It can also be used to wash cars, motorcycles, floors, windows, driveways, roofs and more.

WIDE APPLICATION: Fits most electric and gas-powered pressure washers of up to 4,000 PSI. It can also connect to a pressure washer pump with an American standard M22 to 1/4" connector or a pressure washer wand/gun via the 1/4" quick connector.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it stiff enough to feed/push down a long length of 3” pipe?

A: Yes

Q: Will this work in a craftsman 2300psi pressure washer? 

A: Yes, this kit uses standard fittings.

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