Portable Digital Tire Inflator

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Conveniently fill your tire at home or on the road. 

Tires can lose air over time even if you don’t have a puncture. 

Having properly inflated tires not only makes driving safer, but it can have an impact on your wallet as well. 

Having your own tire inflator is a small investment in helping make sure your tires last as long as possible.

Why do you need a Portable Digital Tire Inflator?

Fill your tires quickly. It takes just a few minutes, and you don't have to go anywhere.

Avoid the gas station and dealership. Even if your car is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), you don’t want to wait until the light illuminates to check your tire pressure. That’s because most TPMS only warn you when the pressure is 25 percent below the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Make your tires last longer. You can easily and routinely check your tire pressure, making sure they’re in an optimal range ensuring your tires last as long as possible, saving you money in the long run.

Use for a variety of situations. A portable tire inflator is highly useful for avoiding a roadside emergency or being able to quickly pump up sports equipment, air mattresses, and inflatable toys on holidays with the family straight from your car.

portable digital tire inflator

Why buy our Portable Digital Tire Inflator?

Lightweight. The body is made from durable yet lightweight plastic, and the hose is built to withstand pressure ensuring you will get long-lasting use out of it without it weighing you down.

Easy to use. This tire inflator is ideal for on-the-go convenience. It plugs into a 12V cigarette socket in any vehicle and is operated by the flick of a switch. 

The hose length is 50cm, and the cord length is 300cm for easy to reach inflation.

Digital. The product is simple to read with a bright LCD display use with controls on the face and an easy to 

Automatic shutoff. Once the PSI has reached the desired pressure, it will stop automatically to avoid over inflation. 

Built-in LED light. This is a vital product to keep in your car for roadside emergencies, so you’re prepared for any situation even at night.

Portable. This tire inflator has a cord storage on the back and comes with a carry bag so everything stays nice and tidy when it isn’t being used. 

Versatile. This tire inflator comes with several adaptor attachments to fit a range of different vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, bicycles, ATV’s, Jeeps, sports equipment, air mattresses, and inflatable toys.

digital tire inflator

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know the recommended PSI for my tires?

A: Almost all vehicles have a sticker located on the driver’s side doorjamb with the recommended tire pressure. If you aren’t able to locate the sticker inside your driver’s side doorjamb, the car’s manual will also have the recommended tire pressure values.

Q: What problems can underinflated tires cause? 

A: Tires that are underinflated use more energy, draining your car’s fuel faster than properly inflated tires. Underinflating your tire may also lead to dry rot on the rubber on the sidewall of the tire. This can contribute to handling issues and any tire damage will eventually lead to tire failure, which may lead to an accident.

Q: What problems can overinflated tires cause? 

A: Overinflated tires make for a rougher ride and are more easily damaged by potholes since they’re stiffer.

How To Use:

  1. Connected the plug in the cigarette lighter socket, it will be ready to use. 
  2. You can use the display to determine the set the correct pressure 
  3. Once PSI is inputted on the LCD, put the nozzle into the valve of the tire and secure it with a chuck.
  4. You can begin to let the air into the tire. Keep an eye on the pressure gauge attached to the air compressor to make sure the pressure doesn’t exceed the desired levels even if it is fitted with an auto-stop feature


    best portable digital tire inflator

    💡 Tips

    • Even the best portable tire inflator should be stored properly and kept in a dry environment. Since it is an electrical device, moisture can damage it. You’ll want to keep it as rust-free as possible.
    • Check your tire pressure about once a month. Tires lose air for several reasons, including a drop in air temperature or normal seepage. It can be a gradual loss, and you may not even realize it.
    • This tire inflator shouldn't be used for more than 8 minutes at a time. To avoid overheating, let the device cool for 10 to 30 minutes after each use.


    • Power Input: DC 12V
    • Power: 120W
    • Maximum Current: 10A
    • Maximum Pressure Value: 150 PSI 
    • Continuous Maximum Working Time: 8mins
    • Power Cord Length: 300cm / 9.84ft
    • Hose Length: 50cm / 1.64ft
    • Dimension: 19.4 x 15.6 x 7.5cm / 7.64*6.14*2.95 inch
    • Net Weight: 0.88kg / 1.94lb

    Package Inclusions:

    • 1 x Portable Digital Tire Inflator
    • 3 x Nozzles Attachment
    • 1 x Carrying Case

    Underinflated or overinflated tires can cause a number of problems that affect your driving experience, potentially affecting your fuel economy and tire wear. 

    With this Portable Digital Tire Inflator, you no longer have to worry about where to get your tires checked and who’s gonna fill them up if the need arises. 

    Always be in control of your vehicle’s safety buy having this handy device when you’re on-the-go.