Portable Air Cooler & Humidifier

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Your Personal Cooling Solution!

“My desk is by a set of windows and gets quite hot during the day. This device has been just the thing to keep the space cool! It is definitely a gem for me. It can get me through about 8 hours at my computer on a full tank. I’m pleased with this device!” - Samantha Green

Why Get Our Portable Air Cooler & Humidifier?

COOLING: This device uses evaporative technology that efficiently cools your hot and dry personal space and makes a pleasant breeze, instantly cooling you and your surroundings. You can feel a nice breeze within 3-5FT in the direction of the airflow, and it has 4 fan speeds with one button control, making it an ideal choice for hot, dry climates!

EFFICIENT: It consumes only 10W (up to 100x less than an AC unit) and saves your bills. It can also be used solo and in tandem with an AC, reducing energy consumption and preventing air dryness. No installation is needed, so you can move and feel the breeze wherever you go, whether you are traveling, working, studying, or just chilling at home.

SAFE: With its natural evaporative cooling, you can cool and humidify the air in the most efficient, innovative, and eco-friendly way. It is made from long-lasting basalt fibers, which means no odor, mold, or bacteria, and is 100% safe for breathing. It is also whisper-quiet and can be powered via USB from a power bank, laptop, and more.


  • It is easy to use; simply fill the water tank, plug it in, press the button, and place it nearby to feel the coolness.
  • The natural color of basalt-based cartridge material may differ from white to dark green. A small amount of basalt dust inside the device is okay.
  • Contrary to other personal air conditioners, this device doesn’t use Freon-like liquids. The temperature drop is a result of the water evaporation process.
  • Depending on air temperature, humidity, and fan speed, the fully loaded water tank can provide 3 to 8 hours of uninterrupted cooling. It also has a built-in LED light. 
  • With a nano-thin extra porous structure, the device’s technology provides a 5x more powerful cooling effect and reduces outgoing temperature by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much electricity does it consume on average per month?

A: This device is extremely energy efficient. It only consumes 2W*h. Therefore, if we assume that it will run continuously for a month, it will use approximately 1,45 kW*h.

Q: Does it automatically switch to fan mode when it runs out of water?

A: When the tank runs out of water, the device will continue to work as a normal fan without a cooling effect.

Q: Can you turn off the LED light?

A: Yes, sure you can. It can be turned off by pressing and holding the button (the same when turning it on).