Plasterboard Fixing Tool (Set of 2)

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The efficient installation of plasterboards! 🛠💯

Plasterboard Fixing Tool
“A simple tool that does quite a lot. We used this when working on our ceiling and it sure did give us an extra hand. Work was done 10x faster and easier.
- Bernard S.


Easy plasterboard installation with Plasterboard Fixing Tool

How Can This Lend A Helping Hand? 💯

✅  CONVENIENT: This Plasterboard Fixing Tool is used to support the board when being installed in ceilings, sloped or high walls, which takes the hassle out of holding up plasterboard sheets and creating accurate and perfectly aligned boards when installing.


How to use the Plasterboard Fixing Tool
Plasterboard Fixing Tool

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I use/install this?


1. Screw the fixing tool into a joist in the ceiling with the taper up. If you’re boarding a wall, screw it onto the wall. 

2. Slide the board over the taper. You can use two fixing tools to hold each side of the board.

3. Screw the board to the joist in place.

4. Then, you’re done!

Q: How do I remove the fixing tool after installing the board?


How to remove the Plasterboard Fixing Tool

Q: What thickness of board is this suitable for?

A: It can be used for installing sheets in any thickness.

Q: Can you use this to install plywood?

A: Yes, and it works with any size of plywood. You do have to put a piece of plywood on first before you can start using the fixing tool.  


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