Personal Safety Alarm For Women

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Protect Yourself!

"Very loud and the strobe lights are bright as well. This definitely will deter any would be attackers, I absolutely LOVE IT! - Holly Watkins

Why Buy Our Personal Safety Alarm For Women?

✅ALARM: Prioritize Your Safety! Our personal safety alarm is a constant companion, providing reassurance during day-to-day activities and beyond. You only need to pull the pin, giving you a loud alarm noise & strobe lighting that would alert everyone in the nearby area. You can equip it in your bag or your keychain with its design, it’s easy to carry. Elevate your confidence and security, whether it's a walk in the park or commuting alone. It works as a gift or a personal purchase, showing that you value peace of mind.

✅DESIGN: Our modern and user-friendly design ensures quick activation and deactivation, giving you peace of mind and a reliable safety tool that lasts. The battery charge lasts for 2 hours of continual use, and only needs a 45 minute charge. It has a loud 130 decibel screech, reaching help from anyone in the immediate vicinity and spooking your would-be aggressors.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there any way to use it as an open door alarm ?

A: You would have to do a DIY solution for it but yes.

Q: Would it scare a dog away?

A: This is not specifically used to deter dogs, and each dog has their own temperament, so we would not advise to use this for that purpose.