Oscillating Outlet Slot Cutter

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Cut Outlets In A Snap!

This is such a wonderfully designed square-hole-saw, it will absolutely speed up any installation! - Trevor Hill

Why Buy Our Oscillating Outlet Slot Cutter?

✅CUTTER: Make your job easier with our Oscillating Outlet Slot Cutter! It automatically cuts out the correct size electrical outlet for you without any need for measuring or manually cutting out the slot yourself. It removes a lot of the busywork and keeps you moving & the work flowing.

✅VERSATILE: This can work with any 18 volt or 20 volt oscillating multi-tool. This makes it incredibly convenient & easy to use. Not only that it’s also adjustable based on the types of hole you want to cut out. You can rotate it a whole 360 degrees in 15 degree increments to cut out the shapes you want.

✅DESIGN: These are specifically designed to work with oscillating multi-tools so you can be reassured of their reliability and durability. They’re made with stainless steel that are used in construction & you’ll find yourself using these for a long time & hastening your work in the process.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this work with a grinding tool?

A: No, it cannot.

Q: Can it work with Ryobi's multitool?

A: Yes, this will work great!