Oriental Floor Register Cover

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Size: 4" x 12" Register
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Level Up Your Air Vent Cover! 

“I love the upgrade from the crappy white grates that came with the house. It fits in my vent perfectly and looks elegant but not flashy. It is a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade the house with a wow factor. I highly recommend them!” - Mikaela Andrews

Why Buy Our Oriental Floor Register Cover?

EASY OPERATION: Improve all of your floor air vent covers with our oriental cover! Our beautifully designed floor vent covers can blend nicely into your flooring and is a way to add oriental style to your home. Simply drop our decorative air vent cover into place on your floor vent. No tools are needed!

BUILT TO LAST: It has a specially engineered rust-resistant damper and soft control lever that can be easily operated, enhancing your air vents. It is made of durable steel with a brush-coated finish, ensuring it can withstand everyday wear and tear. Great for various sizes of air vents


  • How to Measure: Measure your vent opening to ensure that the damper box length and width will fit the opening. The grate face should extend past the vent opening

    📋Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Can this be installed on a wall?

    A: No, they cannot be installed on a wall. They are made to be set down inside the hole in the floor. 

    Q: Is the vent cover thick?

    A: It is a standard vent cover.