Oil Filter Strap Wrench (Set of 2)

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Twist with ease with this multi-purpose wrench!

“This strap wrench is a tool that I use almost everyday. It’s really versatile, it comes with two different sizes for different needs and the strap is adjustable. I use the large strap wrench to remove the oil filter in my car and for other repairs, and I use the small strap wrench for random repairs at home. This is a must-have for DIYers like me!” - Peter Y.

Why Buy Our Oil Filter Strap Wrench?

✅  EFFICIENT: This rubber strap wrench can be used for removing oil filters and other tightening or loosening applications. It features a tight non-slip grip for convenient handling and the rubber gives it extra strength.

✅  MULTI-PURPOSE: The package includes two different strap wrench sizes (small and large) and the straps are adjustable, allowing you to pull the rubber strap firmly into a variety of tools for a snug fit. It’s ideal for tightening/loosening applications on oil filters in vehicles, plumbing, kitchen/sink repairs, jar opening, other applications at home, and many more!

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I use this?


  1. Simply choose which size of the strap wrench (small or large) to use and thread the open end through the slot in the top of the handle.
  2. Adjust it to the correct size, pop it onto the piece that needs loosening or tightening, and pull it to tighten the grip.
  3. Use the handle to twist the wrench in the appropriate direction.
  4. Then, it’s done!  

Q: What is the maximum diameter of the wrench? 

A: The large wrench is adjustable up to 6 inches in diameter and the smaller wrench is adjustable up to 4 inches in diameter.