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With this small cutter, you can even cut a tile or a glass!

It is just so frustrating that when we need to cut things may it be paper or wood or glass we need to change the things we use.

Like for paper, we use a pair of scissors, for wood we use woodcutter, for glass, there is glasscutter, for metal we need large scissors and for tiles we need somethings different else entirely.

See the number of tools we need just to cut something? It is clutter and a mess in total.

But what if you have a cutter that can anything, well anything less than 4 inches that is. That is pretty thick already and you need industrial strength and size to be able to cut something less than 4 inches.

Something like a simple and averaged-size cutter, not longer and thicker than your arm… 

So we developed a tool just like that, a Multi-functional Cutter. A cutter that is not bigger than your arm but has industrial strength to boast.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CUTTER is the best DIY buddy because...


  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS – This product is made with durable metal and ABS plastic, making it sturdy for reliable.
  • MULTIFUNCTION – This tool can be used to cut glass, tiles, paper, plastic, wood, plywood, and it is built with diamond drill used to drill nail holes and can be used as the center point of the compass
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY – This cutter is made of cemented carbide to guarantee the sharp and precise cut, and the cutter is thickened and solid for durability. Effective in rowing a straight or curved glass.
  • VARIOUS TOOLS – This product is equipped with a utility knife/blade, diamond glass cutter, small woodcutter, wood saw, diamond drill, level, bottle opener, knife sharpener, and a tape measure.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT – No more bulky tools, no need for a bunch of tools lying around, this small hand tool is designed to be multi-purpose, and lightweight for you to carry it effortless and for easy to store, but still efficient to be used on various purpose.
  • DIVERSE CAPABILITY – This product is designed with various tools to help you with your simple housework, like sharpening knives, cutting boxes, or do your professional job effectively, like cutting tiles, cutting glass with designs, etc.
  • EASY TO USE – Designed with frosted treatment on the grip, for tight hold, comfortable and effective usage.
  • SAVES YOU TIME, MONEY, AND ENERGY - By having one tool that can cut anything you save yourself lots of money, and time. This will also not require you to exert too much effort just to cut a tile or a glass. With just one swipe you can cut things easily and effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: How long is the tape measure?
Answer: The length of the tape measure is from 0.39 inches up to 39 inches.

Question: Which tool I can use to cut plywood?
Answer: You can use the small cutter for effective cutting of plywood.

Question: What is the use of the diamond drill?
Answer: The diamond drill can be used to drill nail holes, and can be used as the center point of the compass for cutting circular designed glass.

Package Includes:
*1 multi-functional cutter

Cut whatever you want from paper to glass to tiles to wood with just one tool. You don’t need to spend on buying different tools just to cut different materials. You can do it with just Multi-functional Cutter.

Get yourself this cutter and feel the time, money and effort it will save you.