Multi-angle Cutter

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Why do you need the Multi-angle Cutter?

Being man of the house entails lots of responsibilities. There’s a reason why you’re dubbed the big man of the house- you do plumbing, you do carpentry, you do electrical- you’re the first person people look up to for solutions when the pipes leak or the fixtures are broken.

So being the person whom society depends to for heavy duty tasks requires a dependable tool that is as heavy duty too.

Therefore, we bring you a product that will make the tasks of building and repairing simple and easy. The Multi-angle Cutter is your new go-to heavy duty tool for cutting, trunking, and chamfering.

Are pipes the problem? Broken wires? Plastics and cardboard? The Multi-angle Cutter will help you cut the things you need in perfect angles to give you easy and accurate repairs and installations!

Why buy our Multi-angle Cutter?

Big scissors, knives, and pliers might or might not do the work plus it would take an excruciating amount of effort and long hours just to get the work done. And what if you cut the needed material the wrong way? That’s why here’s our Multi-angle Cutter to make work faster, easier and precise!

It’s a multi-purpose cutting and shearing tool that has a comfortable but durable synthetic plastic material and a strong, non-rusting steel body. The blade is made sharp for serious work and there’s a pre-attached angle reference scale for precise angle cutting.

Not only that, the angle reference scale comes with an adjustable steel block to guide you to the perfect angle you’ll need for your material. This speeds up measuring the angle that the material should be cut to thus speeding up your work process.

It is light enough to easily carry and works on different materials so if you ever need to do DIY repairs and installations at home or fix things as professionals, our Multi-angle cutter is the handiest tool for your any cutting need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Who should use this product?
  • This is not only ideal but very useful as for all the dads and big brothers out there who are our first line of defense when it comes to repairs and installations in the household and of course, for professionals who welds, who do carpentry, plumbing, construction, moulding, trunking, electrical and technical things.

  • Is the blade replaceable?
  • Yes, the blades are replaceable so you can always use the body and just replace the blade when it’s already not sharp enough to do the work. But don’t worry because the blades are sharp and durable so you can use this for a long time before needing a replacement.

  • How do I use this?
  • It is very simple to use. You just have to adjust the adjustment block (the one on top of the angle reference scale) to get your desired angle and place the material (e.g. wires, small tubes) beside the adjustment block, parallel to it, which means following the angle of the adjustment block. You can choose the angle and adjust the block from the angle reference scale which is more like a protractor labeled with the angle measurements.

  • What’s the range of the angles that I can cut to using this product?
  • It is from 45°- 135° cutting angle; wide enough for your angle preferences!

  • What’s the size and weight of this product?
  • 8.7 inches (220mm) in size with 2 inches (50mm) blade length. The opening size of the scissor is 1 inch (20mm). Package weight is 1lb (0.358kg)

  • Can I change its blades with normal razor blades?
  • Afraid not. Normal razor blades must be smaller in size and tend to be weaker. Note that you’ll use this for harder or thicker materials.

    Whether you’re the household handyman or the professional one, this tool is perfect for you! Make fixing things easy fast and accurate with our Multi-angle Cutter!