MicroMagnifying Camera

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Zoom: 500x with USB Type A Only
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See even the tiniest detail with an even tinier camera

Why do we need a MicroMagnifying Camera? 

Whether it is for school, research, laboratory, work or just plain fascination. MicroMagnifying Camera can give you the clearest detail you are looking for. 

MicroMagnifying Camera provides you with clear and well-defined images of particles normally not seen with a naked eye. It can help you identify the smallest object easily and gives you clarification for your images. 

Why buy our MicroMagnifying Camera? 

It is MULTI-PURPOSE. Can be used for school projects examining different things and it is also suitable for work, an inspection of jewelry, collectible coins, PCB or PCBA, and many others.

Very much EASY TO USE. This micro magnifying camera is very easy to use. Just install the application on your devices such as computers, tablets, or mobile phones, and it's ready to use.

So COMPACT. This device is small, it is easy to keep inside your bag and bring it anywhere you need to.

Gives you a HIGH RESOLUTION. Built with CMOS sensor to give you HD still images and videos for more detailed and crystal clear videos.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Question: Where can it be used?
Answer: This portable magnification camera is a fun and educational microscope tool for kids, students, and an effective tool for inventors, technicians, and others who need to magnify and explore the micro things.

Question: Does it have built-in light?
Answer: Built with eight (8) super bright LED lights with adjustable illumination for better visibility, and designed with an adjustable magnification ratio of 40X to 1000X offers you a closer look at any object of your choice.

Question: Can it be connected to a mobile phone or computer?
Answer: The digital magnification camera can be connected to Android devices with versions 4.3 and above, and it also supports the USB interface to connect with computers with Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10 operating system. The software provided must be installed to work perfectly.

Question: Does it have a good quality image?
Answer: The micromagnifying camera is built with a 1.3MP camera with a CMOS sensor that provides Hi-resolution images and videos. The camera has a focus range of 15mm-44mm with a manual focus ring. The micromagnifying camera has the ability to record videos in HD quality with 640x480 resolution and at thirty (30) frames per second.

Question: What are the controls on the camera?
Answer: This camera is very easy to use, built with buttons for easy control, focus ring to fine-tune the focus of the lens, zoom button to adjust the magnification, snap button to take still images, and the control ring for the brightness of LED lights. It is also designed with an application on Android devices and Windows computer for full control of your device.

 Package Includes:
*1 micromagnifying camera


See the world beyond what your naked eyes can see. Use MicroMagnifying Camera for school, work or hobbies. Whatever it is it can assist you to see better and clearer. 

Get one for yourself and start discovering things you have not seen before.