Manual Mini Steel Nailer

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Nail Through Steel!

Super easy to use, no force is needed to use. It's a good experience and saved me a lot of time and money! - Dalton Pugh

Why Buy Our Manual Mini Steel Nailer?

✅NAILER: Are you having a hard time nailing through steel, concrete & other similar tough materials? Get our Manual Mini Steel Nailer! It uses an explosive force that goes through thick materials easily that normal hands can’t. It does all of this without damaging the surface, nail or the user, making your job easier & less frustrating!

✅VERSATILE: It’s highly adjustable with its 3 gear setting. With each screw removed you change the gear of the tool & you adjust the depth of how much the nail goes through the material. This makes it so much more versatile & usable in a lot of situations. It works for concrete, steel plates, aerated concrete, solid blocks, hollow blocks & more!

✅DESIGN: Its compact design ensures a smooth operation without the need for additional energy sources or gas cylinders. With its small head design, it accommodates various nozzle sizes, perfect for securing different fixtures to ceilings. Plus, the detachable handle connects seamlessly to an extension rod, eliminating the need to climb for high ceiling work.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the power source for this nailer??? .22 cartridge, or WHAT?

A: The power is in-built with the included nails. No need to load a .22 cartridge.

Q: Where do you oil the gun?

A: We do not have a maintenance recommendation of where to oil the gun.