Locking Silent Hitch Pin

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Secures and Stops The Annoying Rattling!

Easy to install and gets rid of the rattle! Great design and the locking mechanism works great! Highly recommend getting this for your hitch!" - Ross B.

 Why Buy Our Locking Silent Hitch Pin?

DURABLE: Has a 5/8 inch anti-rattle pin that fits 2.5 inch hitch receivers with up to Class IV tow ratings (12,000 lbs max). Heavy-duty lock with a nylon jacket and rubber dust cover for easy grip and corrosion protection from exterior and interior.

EASY TO USE: With 90-degree press-on lock swivels for convenience and no fumble access in tight hitch spaces. The lock snaps 100% securely onto the pin without a key.

SILENT TOWING: No more distracting rattle & motion in the hitch and it absorbs shock loads. Metal sleeve equalizes 5/8 inch shoulder across both pin holes for increased strength.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of hitch extension will this work with?

A: This is designed for hitches that have an inside diameter of 2 inches and a wide outer collar (often called 2.5 inches or a 3 inches hitch).

Q: What is the width of the threaded square that fits inside the hitch? 

A: The square block on the Locking Silent Hitch Pin is 1 1/2 inches x 1 3/8 inches x 3/4 inches.

Q: How to install?


Step 1: Insert the Spring Nut into the hitch accessory shank tube. Align the Spring Nut’s coil with the hitch receiver pinhole.

STEP 2: With the Spring Nut compressed within the accessory shank, slide the shank into the vehicle’s hitch receiver and align the hitch pinholes.

STEP 3: Insert the Silent Hitch Pin with the Split Washer and Flat Washer into the hitch pin hole and thread the pin through the threaded block side of the Spring Nut. Slide the sleeve over the end of the pin and into the receiver pinhole. Using a 7/8” wrench, fully tighten the Pin so it is snug and tight; secure with Clip