LED Safety Flares

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A Reliable Accessory To Keep On-Hand For Any Emergency! 

If you’ve ever been stranded on the roadside or in open waters, you know it’s important that other people see you and your vehicle. 

You need a device that isn’t only a source of light but is also designed to keep you safe.

You never know what situation you could get yourself into so it’s always best to be prepared. 

road flares led

Why do you need LED Safety Flares?

These flares are ideal for an array of uses, like: 

  • Emergencies
    Whether your car got stuck in a ditch, your motorbike has a flat tire, your boat is capsizing or there’s a fire nearby — you can
    quickly caution others and signal for help.
  • Traffic Control
    Easily form blockades around the accident to contain the situation and create a safety zone.
  • Search and Rescue Operations 
    360 degrees of ultra-bright LED can be seen up to 1 mile at night so you’re sure no one will miss your signals.
  • Power Outage
    Use this device as a flashlight indoors or outdoors.
  • Outdoor Adventures
    You can use these flares to light up your campsite or create a path marker for hiking.
  • Ambiance Lighting
    Illuminate your parties with these LEDs. You can place them on the ground to create a walkway for your guests or have them floating in the pool for decor.

    led road flares emergency lights

    The possibilities are endless with these LED flares. 

    Why buy our LED Safety Flares? 

    These LED flares have 9 different flashing modes that have varied running times and are all user-selectable.

    • Rotating lights: 8 hours 
    • Quad flashes: 23 hours 
    • Single blink: 12 hours 
    • Alternating blinks: 4 hours 
    • SOS Rescue (Morse code): 8 hours 
    • Steady on-high: 7 hours 
    • Steady on-low: 33 hours 
    • 4 LED Flashlights: 10 hours 
    • Top LED Flashlight: 10 hours
    led safety flare

    Note: Running time varies depending on the type of batteries used. We recommend using brand name batteries with high performance. 

    These lights will shine through rain, fog or snow and even an overcast or partially sunny skies won’t block the reflective capabilities of these lights so they’re ready to use any time of day. 

    The flare has multiple attachment options — you can use the built-in hook to hang it on a railing or utilize its magnetic feature to stick it on the side of your car or boat.

    If you’re in a hurry, you can simply place the flare on the ground or have it float on water and it will still be very effective in drawing attention.

    These high-quality flares are shatterproof, crashproof, waterproof and fully submersible. 

    These LED Safety Flares conveniently come in a nylon bag for easy accessibility and organized storage

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    Question: How often do I need to change the batteries?
    Answer: It is recommended to check the batteries every 2 to 3 months. Although it isn’t 100% necessary to change the batteries every 3 months, we believe It is better to always be ready! 

    Question: For roadside accidents, how many flares are necessary and where should they be placed?
    Answer: Three (3) flares should suffice. This is to notify other motorists that there’s a hazard ahead. The early warning devices should be placed at 10 feet, 100 feet, and 200 feet from the vehicle. If you're on a two-lane, undivided road, put one 100 feet in front of your vehicle and two 10 feet and 100 feet behind it. 

    How to install batteries:

    • Locate the two (2) screw under the safety disc
    • Unscrew the screws,
    • Remove the cover and place the batteries
    • Place the cover back and screw it securely
    • It’s ready to use!
    road flares led

    How to use:

    1. Press the Power button
    2. Press the power button repeatedly to change the light mode
    3. And to turn off, press and hold the power button wait for a few seconds
    4. It's ready for storage!


    • Materials: Polycarbonate plastic, TPR (thermoplastic rubber)
    • Size: 10cm (3.95") diameter x 3.5cm (1.37") tall
    • Weight: 170g (6oz) with batteries
    • Battery type: 3pcs AAA alkaline batteries for each flare (Batteries not included)
    • Battery Life: up to 36 hours of run time
    • Operating Temperature: -40 to 100 °C (-40 to 212°F)
    • Waterproof Rating: IP67

    Safety during a crisis is essential, there are fewer things worse than being stuck in the dark when your vehicle has broken down or when you’re lost in the woods during a camping adventure. 

    These LED Safety Flares have your back and you’ll truly be prepared for emergencies with this in your arsenal.