LED Parking Lot Lights

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Transform Your Outdoor Space Into
A Well-lit & Safe Environment!

Got these to replace dim Metal Halide wallpack that only lit up small area in front of garage door. Mounted only 15ft high and brightened the parking lot to fence line/sidewalk (depending on how you set angle) 50ft or more. Straight forward installation, used 3" lag bolts to mount base directly on stud where existing wiring came through. It's got a some weight to it (you might need a help) and a little tricky if doing it by yourself while standing on 12ft ladder. Make sure you're secure from falling at this height or any height! Very bright light, worth the money spent, well designed unit.  - Bryant H.

Why Buy Our LED Parking Lot Lights?

⚡ Energy Efficient: Say goodbye to dim, inefficient lighting in your parking lot or outdoor space! With just 300W of power consumption, our LED lights deliver the same brightness as traditional 1000-1200W HID/HPS lights, slashing your electricity costs without compromising on illumination.

💡 Bright and Safe: Enjoy superior visibility and safety with our high-quality LED lights. Equipped with 36,000lm output with high lumens efficiency (130lm/watt). Certified by trusted organizations like Energy Star, DLC, or UL, guaranteeing top-notch quality and performance.

🌞 Automatic Operation: Our upgraded photocell sensor ensures automatic operation. Lights turn on at night and off during the day, saving you from manual switching. Plus, LED parking lot lights enhance your property's appearance, bringing joy and pride in its modern, attractive look.

🛡️ Durability Guaranteed: Made from tough die-cast aluminum, resistant to scratches and fading. Withstands up to 50,000 hours of use and features integrated heat sink for efficient heat dissipation. Waterproof with IP66 rating, protecting against dust, mud, shocks, rain, and snow.

📋 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you need to hire an electrician to hard-wire the lights?
A: It depends on your skill set. I’m a contractor so it was easy for me. This light has 3 wires to hook it up so it’s pretty basic installation wise.

Q: Could these lights be used to light up a pickleball court?
A: For sure, install it high enough and it lights up a wide area

⚙️ Specifications:

  • CRI: 80 CRI
  • Efficacy: 120 lm/w
  • LED Type: 3030 SMD
  • Intensity: 36,000 Lumen
  • Wattage Total: 300 Watts
  • Mount Type: D type (Arm mount)
  • Color Temperature: 5000 K
  • LED Lifetime: 50000 Hours
  • IP Rating: Weatherproof IP65
  • Photocell: Photocell Installed
  • Housing Materials: Die Cast Aluminum
  • Operating Voltage Range: 110 VAC
  • Comparable Wattage : 1000 Watts Metal-Halide
  • Operating Temperature: -40~+55°C (-40~+131 °F)
  • Photocell Sensor: Automatically turns light on at dusk and off at dawn