Leather Hole Puncher

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Enjoy punching out holes swiftly and professionally!

Do you have to make new holes on a loose belt? Are you making home-made leather goods that need eyelets? Does making a new hole with a nail and hammer seems like a daunting task? Well, it is.

Don’t worry, you can now punch holes in your belt, leather goods or other crafts with ease. 

Why do you need a Leather Hole Puncher

Compared to using a nail and hammer or even a power drill, the Leather Hole Puncher is by far the most ideal tool to use. 

This puncher tool is beneficial for making accurate and tidy piercings easily. You can effortlessly select the suitable diameter and make a puncture smoothly. 

The puncher is perfectly suitable for multiple DIY or hobby projects. You can open an additional eyelet in your:

  • Belts
  • Shoes
  • Bag straps
  • Watch
  • Wrist band
  • Horse saddle
  • Dog collar 
  • And many more

Craft unique homemade items from 

  • Leather
  • Canvas
  • Plastic
  • Silicone Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Cardboard
  • And other materials

Why buy our Leather Hole Puncher?

Consisting of multiple round and oval attachments of various diameters, replaceable or changeable with the wheel rotary motion

This tool is ready to punch round holes in a variety of materials. The tension springs make it easy to punch by hand

Have fun adjusting your favorite belts to fit you perfectly again and enjoy creating crafts with this puncher - It's super easy and fast to use.

The comfortable handles provide a non-slip ergonomic grip which avoids any hand tiredness and fatigue even while working with thick materials during repetitive use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Can the puncher be used with paper or non-leather material?
Answer: Yes, this Leather Hole Puncher can punch holes not only in materials like leather, but also other kinds of materials like rubber, canvas, plastic, cardboard, polyurethane, fabrics, and others. Perfect for belts, bags, watch bands, saddles, pet collars, shoes and many more!

Question: Is the leather puncher durable?
Answer: This leather hole puncher is made of high-quality steel that is capable of high impact strength, and thus guarantees optimum wear and sharp cutting properties, it is also equipped with a rubberized handle for comfort grip.

Question: Are there different sizes of holes that can be used?
Answer: The leather hole puncher is designed with a rotary wheel that has six (6) punchers with different sizes.

Hole size dimensions:

  • 5/64 inch / 2mm
  • 3/32 inch / 2.5 mm
  • 1/8 inch / 3 mm
  • 9/64 inch / 3.5 mm
  • 5/32 inch / 4 mm
  • 11/64 inch / 4.5 mm

How to Use:

  1. Rotate punch wheel until the desired punch size is aligned with the lower jaw of the tool. Locking arm will snap into place when correctly aligned.
  2. Insert a leather piece between the jaws of the punch tool at the desired position. Be sure to have a tool horizontally level to avoid punching hole at an angle.
  3. Firmly squeeze handle grips until punch penetrates completely through the leather, then release the grips.


  • When you rotate the wheel difficulty, please loose the screw as the picture shown.
  • When you use the punch plier, please add on cardboard between pad and belts or other things to keep the best hole. And this method is helpful for prolonging the life of punch pliers.

Product Specification:
Material(s): Metal, Rubber
Product dimension: 11 xs 4 x 2 inches
Product weight: 1.15 lbs

Package Inclusion:
1 x Leather Hole Puncher
1 x Copper Gasket
1 x Diamond Hole Rod
1 x Mini Screwdriver

From belt-making and DIYs to bracelets and other leathercraft, this leather punch tool provides easy punching with a comfortable design for less hand fatigue.

This Leather Hole Puncher is commonly required for artisans that craft unique items manually so they can achieve a professional and masterful end result.