Latch Tailgate Locking System

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Enhance Security On Your Trailer Tailgate In One Pull!

I added this to my 12 foot utility trailer. It was pretty straightforward. I'm so glad I did. Now, I can just stand on the driver's side of the trailer, pull the handle and lower the ramp. –Wayne

Why Buy the Latch Tailgate Locking System? 

✅ One-End Operation: Allows users to open and close the trailer from one end without the hassle of dealing with pins, increasing efficiency and security by enabling an individual to open, close, and lock their gate from one side.

✅ Simultaneous Release: The system is ergonomically designed so that one pull enables both sides to be released simultaneously, ensuring the trailer is securely locked with minimal effort, improving overall safety.

✅ Single Padlock Security: The entire trailer can be secured with one padlock (padlock not included). The pull handle can be mounted on either the passenger or driver side, providing flexibility in installation.


Q: How wide is the gate limit?

A: Maximum width of trailer gate is 6' 9".

Q: Does this have a lift assist?

A: No, It’s just a locking system.