Large Chlorine Floater Dispenser

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Ultimate Solution To Keep Your Pool Clean & Healthy!

I love this product! It floats perfectly and stays upright - even after bumping into items or trying to disrupt it. Easy to open the top and add more chlorine, and it didn’t sink or even attempt to sink. The temperature gauge is helpful, as well as the flow adjusters. It is of great value and exactly what I needed for our first pool.” - Anna Taylor

Why Buy Our Large Chlorine Floater Dispenser?

CONVENIENT: This dispenser floats around your pool to easily and safely diffuse chemical chlorine tablets, keeping your pool clean and free from contaminants. It has a large capacity that can handle and securely lock multiple 1” or 3” tablets inside without sinking. Now, you can enjoy a sparklingly pure, healthy swim!

VERSATILE: It is adjustable and has a built-in thermometer, so you can easily monitor the temperature and customize the flow rate to suit the unique requirements of your pool or spa. It ensures you can maintain the appropriate chemical balance regardless of size or shape. Great with most chlorine and bromine tablets and can be used with various pool and spa types.

QUALITY DESIGN: The dispenser is made with double-reinforced durable materials, ensuring it can resist the elements and harsh exposure to pool chemicals. It is built to last and is designed to protect against corrosion over time. It is also easy to use, simply insert the tablet, lock the lid, and you are all set.


  • It can provide accurate temperatures up to 50°C or 120F.
  • Only insert up to 3 tablets to keep it afloat and prevent it from sinking.
  • It is easy to open and close the lid with its 3 fingertip integration holes design.
  • Chlorine control vents at the base for a balanced delivery flow keeping your H2O levels in check.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this come with any tablets to start?

A: No, tablets are not included in the package. 

Q: Can you put the chlorine powder in here?

A: No, this is designed for chlorine tablets only. 

Q: Does it tip when empty so that you know to add more?

A: No, you have to open it to check if you need to add more.