Kayak Ceiling Storage Hoist

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Keep Your Garage Uncluttered!


Kayak was annoying to store so I got this! Made it so much easier and it was easy to install. Real sturdy & easy to use! - Jeffrey Hall

Why Buy Our Kayak Ceiling Storage Hoist?

Is your garage completely full? Struggling to find somewhere to store your kayak out of the way safely? One solution is using the empty space above your head and utilizing the ceiling to store your kayak!

✅HOIST: Effortless installation onto your ceiling joist or rafter makes our Kayak Ceiling Storage Hoist a breeze to set up. Just a few simple tools are all it takes to have your kayak, canoe, ladders or bikes securely hanging in your garage, saving you time and hassle.

Our safe locking mechanism ensures peace of mind, preventing any accidental releases, so you can trust your item stays exactly where you want it.

✅ DESIGN: Designed for indoor ceilings up to 12 ft. high, our hoist liberates significant floor space once your kayak is stowed away. Capable of lifting heavy loads up to 125 lbs, it's not just for kayaks—it's a versatile solution.

Equipped with rubber-coated hooks safeguarding against scratches and durable straps ensuring fail-proof security, trust our hoist to keep your kayak safely suspended while optimizing your space.

✅AUTO LOCK: Our hoist has an Automatic Locking Brake, ensuring effortless handling of heavy items single-handedly. This innovative rope locking mechanism empowers you to confidently raise or lower weighty loads, granting total security against accidental release.

Elevate your lifting experience with unparalleled ease and peace of mind, knowing your items remain safely suspended until you're ready to lower them.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Could I mount it perpendicular to the joists?

A: Yes, but with a catch. You will need to first mount a 2x4 to the ceiling capturing 4 or more rafters with 5 or 6" 3/8" lag screws and washers. If your rafters are on 24" centers a 2x4x80" should capture 4 of them with about 4" of excess on each end so you are not running a lag screw through the very end of the 2x4. A 1x4 is not strong enough. Overkill is king here as we don't want this coming down!

Q: Will this system work with paddle board dimensions

A: Yes, it will.



  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 125 lbs
  • Maximum Ceiling Height: 12 ft.
  • Weight: ‎6 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 6 inches