Hub Drum and Rotor Puller Kit

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“I bought it to remove BMW axles from hubs that would not budge after being hammered. Everything was quite sturdy and well constructed, which amazed me. It was packaged well. I was able to remove both rotors easily in no time.” - Noah C.

How Convenient Is This?

Efficient: Remove hubs, drums, and brake rotors with an impact wrench (discs) easily and quickly. Also compatible with a 1-1/4′′ socket and a 1-1/4′′ or 32mm wrench.

Durable: It has a durable forged design and is made from the same alloy as ball joint presses.


✅ Convenient: It comes with three different hub adapters to match a variety of hub sizes, as well as arms that can extend up to 14" wide.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How to use this?


Q: Does it include ratchet stops?

A: The ratchet stops are not included. It only has raised stops for use with the ratchet straps (not included).  

Q: What is the maximum spread for pulling drums?

A:  It has 13 ¾ inches