Household Electric Sharpener

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Get an industrial-grade sharpener for your tools at home

Why do we need a Household Electric Sharpener?

When sharpening our knives or scissors we sometimes harm ourselves. And the pain and scar are not even worth it because the blades are not totally sharpened.

But when you have a Household Electric Sharpener ready at your home sharpening knives is like a walk in the park. 

No more accidental cuts or dull blades! 

Why buy our Household Electric Sharpener? 

It is VERSATILE. The Household Electric Sharpener can sharpen your kitchen knives, scissors, and can also be used for your household repair tools such as chisels, planer blade and drill bits. No need to go to a shop for sharpening your tools, save money and time.

Very COMPACT. This Household Electric Sharpener is easy to store. All the attachments are kept on the unit itself. It can be kept in the toolbox, or your tool cabinet

So EASY TO USE. The sharpening tool has three (3) guide attachments for each purpose, for knives and scissors, for chisel and planer blade and for drill bits, making it safe and easier to sharpen your tools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What is a household electric sharpener?
Answer: The household electric sharpener is a tool for easy sharpening of knives, chisels, planer blades, scissors, and drill bits. An essential tool in the households to provide safe and convenient sharpening of kitchen knives and other tools.

Question: How does it sharpen the knives or tools?
Answer: The high-powered household electric sharpener has 6500 rpm and it is equipped with hard-wearing, a durable and effective diamond wheel that can easily sharpen knives, chisels, planer blades, scissors, and drill bits.

Question: How does it sharpen chisels?
Answer: The household electric sharpener has the attachment for chisel and planer blade, up to 2” (50mm) wide can be sharpened at any angle from 20° - 40°. Giving the tool sharpness it needs for its job.

Question: How does is used for sharpening drill bits?
Answer: The household electric sharpener can sharpen 7/64” – 3/8” (3.1mm-10mm) diameter drill bits. Designed with the guide holding the drill bit at the correct sharpening angle to create a perfect cutting edge.

Question: What kind of knives can be sharpened?
Answer: The household electric sharpener can sharpen straight and curved knives edge and scissors, for effective cutting of your kitchen tools. Transforming all your dull edge knives to razor-sharp cutting knives.

Question: Is it safe for novice users?
Answer: This household electric sharpener is designed with a special safety feature. It has a safety interlock that prevents the motor from starting unless one of the attachments is clip into the position.

Package Includes:
*1 household electric sharpener

No more dull blades or nicked hands because Household Electric Sharpener is here to make your life easier.

Automatic and easy to use, no more rock sharpener or obscure kind of other sharpeners. Go with the advance and modern sharpener that you can get your hands on!