Hot Air Tool Kit

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Adjustable, Powerful, and Reliable Too 👌♨️

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“A great heat gun for the house, boat, and car. Strong accessory range, good storage case, and overall good value for the money. This heat gun will help for both long and short-term projects.”
– Andrew Merkel

Hot Air Tool Kit or Heat Gun

♨️How Powerful is this Tool?♨️

Efficient: The 12.5 Amp motor in this heavy-duty hot air tool easily heats up to a maximum temperature of 932°F (500°C) in a matter of seconds and performs consistently. It provides excellent efficiency by operating at maximum temperature for 500 hours. This heat gun has a high heat setting that can be adjusted to 9 different temperatures by turning the rear cover, and also 3 different fan speeds.

Efficiency and Features of Hot Air Tool Kit or Heat Gun

Comfortable: The tool has a non-slip soft grip and a weight balance design that makes it comfortable to use. It also has an integrated hands-free support stand that allows it to sit upright for hand-free use. Built with overload protection prevents the electric hot air tool kit from overheating as a result of misuse.

Optimized Weight Balance of Hot Air Tool Kit or Heat Gun

Functional: The tool's utility is improved with the addition of four nozzle deflectors and a four-piece paint scraper kit. Welding plastics, soldering/desoldering, shrink wrapping and loosening seized bolts and nuts with a reduction nozzle. Paint or adhesive stripping tidy heat-sensitive surfaces with a glass safety nozzle. Paint or adhesive removal with a large jet surface nozzle. Heat shrink tubing, shape PVC tubes and thaw frozen pipes with this reflector nozzle.

Scraping with Hot Air Tool Kit or Heat Gun
Fixing using Hot Air Tool Kit or Heat Gun

🧾Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the product's purpose and use?
A: Shrink wrapping, embossing, heating, painting, roofing, wire stripping, phone or car glass repair, tint soldering/de-soldering, plastic welding, PVC pipe bending, seized bolts & nuts loosening, waxing skis and snowboards, soften plastics, and drying and thawing purposes are all possible with this tool.

Q: What is the air flow and temperature of this heat gun?
A: 500 L/min / 140℉
300 L/min / 176~572℉
500 L/min / 176~932℉

Q: What are the various applications and what temperature should they be used at?
  • Removing paint [High]
  • Removing adhesive-backed floor coverings [Low]
  • Drying paint or plaster [Low]
  • Heating shrink tube [Low]
  • Heating shrink wrap [Low]
  • Thawing frozen locks [Low]
  • Thawing frozen pipe [High]
  • Loosening seized bolts [High]
  • Bending plastic [Low]
  • Waxing skis & snowboards [Low]
Specifications of Hot Air Tool Kit or Heat Gun
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      📝 Notes

      • To allow sufficient air flow and avoid overheating, the nozzle should be at least 2" (25mm) away from the surface being heated.
      • Always use protective gloves, safety glasses, and a respirator mask while using power tools to keep yourself safe.
      • In the event of a fire, have water or a fire extinguisher on hand.